Internet business and electronic commerce

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on internet business and electronic commerce. E-tailing and e-trading have compelled many businesses to start their own website. Internet marketing has begun to play an integral role in building a relationship between the customer and the business. The Internet is serving as a means of communication amongst people all over the world. It is undergoing changes as technology advances and in turn, necessitates businesses to adapt accordingly. In a study conducted in Portugal about the role of websites in Internet marketing, it was seen that websites were used by different sectors for different purposes. For the mass media sector, the website was maintained by an external company and contained large amounts of information. Their website also was illustrative of a communication benefit for the customers. On the other hand, the e-commerce sector was characterized by the increased reliance on emails, shorter download time, websites that have developed recently and an economic benefit to the consumers. The tenets of marketing involve three basic components: information, customization, and relationship (Zappalà & Gray, 2006). For a website to be effective, it should aid the company to foster a relationship with its customers and to provide them with the information that they need. It is important that the business recognizes the type of customers who would be interested in its products, needs, and demands. Zappalà and Gray (2006) assert that Internet marketing is primarily focused on the provision of information to the customer and so the website must contain details about the product offered and integrates great technical detail. In analyzing the effectiveness of the websites, the first criteria for judgment would be if the websites are providing sufficient information to the customers, in a way that addresses their needs and helps them provide the technical details that they are seeking. The websites that I have chosen for the critical study report are related to the selling of goods online and about the news.

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