Internet fashion trends

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The outline of the term paper. However, in the modern world, men and women alike follow fashion trends and scour the Internet for fashion trends and best dressed lists.

C. Fashion blogs have in the past few years become a source of inspiration and information for upcoming trends and fashion styles. This has greatly reduced the control of fashion houses and magazines (Seymour 41), which coupled with a consumer generational shift that has seen a shift in the labour market has greatly increased the influence of fashion Bloggers.

i. Bloggers, as the main representatives of the blog, portend immense influence on what can be shown on their blogs. These Bloggers are able to carefully select what they share with their followers, which influences her image as a trendsetter (Seymour 46).

iii. The high number of visual images that they can present on their sites compared to magazines and posters responds to the expectations of the consumers, especially those who rely on the internet for information (Seymour 48).

i. Bloggers combine desire and recognition in order to appeal to their followers. Underlying this pursuit for desire is longing, self-seduction, hopefulness, fear of being desire-less, and tensions between morality and seduction (Kristina & Payal 14).

ii. Desire in combination with self-seduction and inner struggle, as well as the fear for being desire-less, will increase the dependence of the consumer on Bloggers because they bring them into contact with new desires. In this case, they play the role of mediator.

iii. In turn, so as to ensure that the products they introduce to consumers are within reach and, therefore maintain desire, bloggers combine diverse fashion products from different ranges of price (Kristina & Payal 14).

i. Unlike film and pictures that cannot give a perfect reality representation, bloggers are able to decide what the audience looks at (McCallum 52). They can post what they want and exclude what they do not wish seen. This is

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