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Intersections of cosmopolitanism and diversity

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic understanding of the intersections of cosmopolitanism and diversity. Held said that cosmopolitan indicates the values set as standards by a global entity that cannot be violated by any person, which standards are based on the premise that every person is equal regardless of the country he or she was born or raised (par. 4).Cosmopolitanism refers to a political and cultural body that encompasses a territorial jurisdiction, extending to the rest of the world (Ribeiro 19). It posits an affirmative mindset towards differences and diversity and aims to create global equality and peace among the member communities as well as solidarity. However, Ribeiro purported that reconciliation of citizens from various cultural groups would seem an ambiguity in the face of historical and cultural diversity among various groups. The diversity of cultures, values, beliefs and advocacy among the inhabitants of the states are factors that should be taken into consideration in the furtherance of peace and resolution of conflicts.Cosmopolitanism has been historically attempted by political leaders. Greece and Rome imposed this concept upon their subjects through the use of military force. It has also been attempted by the Nazis over other western nations under the concept that they belong to the Aryan race. A non-political cosmopolitanism, although composed of states and participated by governments, is manifested by the United Nations (UN). The UN has passed numerous resolutions that should be followed by member-states and can impose sanctions even on other non-members if they violate the rules issued by it.The International Criminal Court tries international crimes and can try citizens from any country once jurisdiction is acquired. The jurisprudence issued by the court becomes international laws and legal precedents. It also passes judgment on the different internal and local laws of the states and reconciles them according to acceptable legal tenets.

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