Introduction to Ethics

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Essay on Introduction to Ethics — Arguments for and against affirmative action. Paper must be at least 1500 words. It seeks to create an environment where race and gender will not stand against someone’s ability to move up the hierarchy if one has the necessary skills and credentials for the job (Libertella, Sora & Natale, 2007). It is meant to correct the wrongs that have been created against the people of a specific gender,race, or religion. While the intentions were right, over time the imposition of AA started showing signs of reverse discrimination where the rights of the majority were at stake. Based on the policies of AA, people started giving preference to members of the target group without merit and the quotas for minorities were filled up carelessly. All these resulted in the White males being deprived of their basic rights. Thus Affirmative Action, while trying to provide equal opportunities to all, ends up in discriminating the Whites, and hence unethical.There will always be two sides to an argument and whether it is fair to the Whites or not, remains debatable. At times, some sacrifices for the greater good of the society are better than no action. If this be true, AA is justified because the intention is to provide more opportunities to the minorities and women. Nevertheless, this amounts to social segregation. Arguments again abound that social segmentation exists in every society based on religion, race and economic differences. Such segregation or discrimination might work for some time for social good. People have tried to justify that AA helped to make up for past wrongs. Instead of doing justice it violates the rights of the Whites for equal consideration (Stanford, 2005). Besides, discrimination on the basis of a belief that one race or sex is inferior is wrong because it violates the moral right to equal respect (Himma, 2001). Decision need to be taken based on character and abilities and not on stereotype. In a democratic system,

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