Introduction to psychology

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Compose a 1000 words essay on Introduction to Psychology. forums. On the other hand behaviours usually occur consciously and it is possible for us to change our behaviour if we make a conscious effort. Dr Vasily Klucharev, from the FC Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in the Netherlands has said that people often change their decisions and judgments to conform with normative group behavior (Alleyne).Psychology is interested in both behavioural studies and mental activities since both have close relationships. Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour. Behaviour is the outcome of mental processes which means the study of psychology might not be completed without the study of behaviour and mental processes. For example, suppose a person shows some abnormalities in his behaviour. A psychiatrist or psychologist cannot treat him without knowing his mental processes. In order to know his mental processes, a psychiatrist or psychologist normally makes a free association with the patient. In short, behaviour and mental processes, both are important to psychology.Neurotransmitters are some kind of chemicals which is responsible for the amplification and modulation of signals between a neuron and another cell. Purse (2010) has mentioned that when a message or signal comes in at one end of a nerve cell, an electrical impulse travels down the “tail” of the cell (axon), and causes the release of the appropriate neurotransmitter and subsequently, molecules of the neurotransmitter are sent into the tiny space between nerve cells, called the synaptic cleft (Purse). Proper transmission of messages across the body is important for the smooth functioning of body parts. Neurotransmitters are responsible for ensuring the correct transmission of messages from the brain to other parts of the body.Neurotransmitters are responsible for the control of mood, sleep regulation, body temperature, blood pressure, hormonal activities etc. The brain

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