Introduction to Psychology

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Introduction to Psychology.I have no idea about what is happening in my mind or body at the time of watching excessive blood.As per the Freud’s theory of defense mechanism, I think, in the incident mentioned above, Displacement is the defense mechanism which my body develops. Displacement is a defense mechanism in which redirection of emotions to a substitute target happens (Defense Mechanisms).I think I don’t have the mental strength to face such horrible scenes and my body has developed the displacement defense mechanism in which I fell unconscious unknowingly.Projection is a defense mechanism in which attribution of uncomfortable feelings to others might happen. I don’t think Brook Wilson’s story and the incident may come under the label of Freud’s defense mechanisms. According to Freud defense mechanism should have at least two characteristics.In the given case, Brooke Wilson has responded deliberately and nothing happened unconsciously. Brooke Wilson’s response came out of frustration and anger and moreover it did not falsify the reality.I don’t think Cristina Martinez also correctly interpreted or perceived the concept of defense mechanism. The given incident has happened deliberately and nothing happened unconsciously. Redirection of the emotions to a substitute should happen unconsciously in order to refer the above incident as a displacement defense

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