Intrusive ui hints

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic the problem of intrusive ui hints. UI Hints What is your take on this problem? Do you think Miller and Siracusa have valid concerns? The first and most important point to consider with reference to the user interface and the articles presented by the two authors are that change is very necessary. It is for this reason that both writers are strongly for the fact that the user interface hint system should embrace a lot of changes to meet modernity and changing trend. Some of the changes outlined by the writers have to do with appearance and functionality. The question that I believe should come up rather is the kind of changes expected. This is because the fact that change has been advocated does not mean that the changes should be something that comes to appear in the eyes of the ordinary user as a change that has moved from good to bad or bad to worse. Rather, the changes should be one that can be seen as one that has moved from bad to good or good to better.The first rhetorical question that would be asked in validating the concerns and claims of the writers is. “where users of any kind considered in their advocacy for change?” A critical look at the articles presented by the writers would confirm that the writers gave very little concern to new and novice users of various computer software. Miller (2011) for instance would prefer that technical usability changes to aesthetic changes stating that “perhaps without the limitations of a finite number of colors and pixels to force simplicity, UI designers just dont know what to do with themselves. Id argue they do too much.” Meanwhile, there is no denying the fact that computer software gets new users everyday who cannot really much up with complicated mode of operating user interfaces. As far as new users are concerned to, new users are people who would be attracted by sight. For this reason, it is important to improve on aesthetic quality whiles maintaining the complexities in operations very minimal. Having noted this, it is not a point to suggest that there is no room being made for mature users of various software and that as the user interface hints keeps getting simple, they will be bored with the process. It is in the light of this that Siracusa (2011) uses the example of a car that explains all its gadgets and uses everyday to the driver for five year. According to the writer, the driver would feel bored of this. However, something that the writers did not consider is needed amendment for user interface hints. So as much as it would be admitted that when the operations are so simple, mature users will be bored, the alternative will be for system designers to add up options of the use for different users. As in some computer games where users choose whether to play armature or advanced, user interface hint users should be resourced with options to select the kind of user interface hint they would want to go with.2) List at least two examples of similar good or bad UI hints Good UI HintsBad UI HintsMozilla songbird Blinksale SwatchblotGo plan REFERENCE LISTMiller P. (2011). The Condescending UI. Retrieved January 29, 2012 from J. (2011). Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: the Ars Technica review. Retrieved January 29, 2012 from

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