Investigation on local firm

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Investigate one local firm that employs electrical or computer engineers. It needs to be at least 500 words.Organization structure or the functional areas determines how the various departments and the employees interact in order to achieve organization goals (Feigenbaum, E. 2012).At Super micro Computer, Inc, the structure is mainly focused on achieving leadership in its products as clearly defined by its First-to-market, quality and customer satisfaction principles. The organization ensures that it achieves leadership and excellent customer tailored solutions through cross functional groups, supplier partnerships, and continuous improvement programs such as internationally recognized standards (ISO9001 & ISO14001).Under engineering department, Computer Systems Engineers are involved in among other things: Monitoring and running tests on the products, develop software and hardware solutions to meet customer needs, trouble shoot and solve computer systems related problems, create, record and review design processes, test processes and quality benchmarks. Engineers are also involved in: Inspecting, rating, upgrading and adjusting systems. They also perform tests on systems for use in new areas and maintenance of all necessary information records on activities.In the Server Production/Test Engineers sections some of their duties include: Run testing and repair specification needs of servers in the production design, ensure quality maintenance on all application frameworks (ECO) and that any repeat work is done to meet market benchmarks. In addition, Engineers follow laid down procedures in testing and overseeing work, maintain and facilitate secure and conducive work arrangements, meet all daily and monthly set orders and assemble all accessory parts such as sockets, DVD drives and wire/cable. Beside these duties, an engineer could be called to perform system maintenance and may act as a technical resource person for infrastructure form time to time.Super micro Computer, Inc has been in operation for about eighteen

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