Invisible Man

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Write an argumentative essay on Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison. Needs to be 3 pages. .The narrator then walks away thinking that the man is not seeing him and he was almost killed by “figment of his imagination.According to the author another concept of invisibility comes out when was in a hole thus separated from the society and chooses to remain in the cave the narrator become invisible when he went underground mainly because he felt betrayed in the outside world and now he comes out not as an invisible person who always heeds the Whiteman’s instructions but on his own dignity and senses to get the power and a since of self-respect (Wells 34). Thus this brings out the fact that invisibility means separation from society. And also the fact that he lives underground and he is consuming the manipulated light and power company and lives for free consuming the power with his light bulbs (Wells 35).Invisibility is also brought up when the invisible man is accused by Dr.Bledsoe for betraying his trust to Jim Truebood and thus being given the an impression different from the true one in a way being told to value the white fox (Wells 75). He is then suspended from the university indefinitely in the true sense not to be taken back. He is invisible since he is called an enemy of the college and given an empty hope.The Author is also invisible in a way that when he is seriously injured at the hospital the doctors doesn’t seem to see who he is and out of ignorance they use him as a guinea pig for their electric machine, clearly indicating that Dr.bledsoe and the medical personnel are not adhering to the principle of equal respect to all meaning other figures in the society and especially the blacks were not seen or given full consideration in society (Wells 34). The narrator is invisible because he lacks the ability and powers to help him and is given empty hopes when in the real sense he was expelled (Wells 58).The invisible man is invisible since after

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