Iran’s Military Assessment

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Compose a 750 words essay on Iran’s Military Assessment. The Iranian Military strategy has changed since the revolution of 1979 and as such its overall focus in on maintaining the regime and strengthening its hold over the power. 2In order to secure the regime, Iranian military is therefore focused upon the deterrence strategy. Further, the strategy is also focused upon surviving against hard military threats from US and Israel and as Iran continue to hold a military and foreign policy in a manner which is targeted at US and Israel. (Eisenstadt 2001)Iran’s overall composition of forces is based upon holding more than 2 different military build-ups which are focused upon overseeing different strategic objectives of the country. The military as such comprised of Army, Navy and Air force however, it is also supported by the Army of the Guardians of Islamic Revolution. The Army of Guardians of Islamic Revolution has its own factions of air, sea and ground forces.Iran has more than 500,000 ground forces which form the part of Iranian Military whereas the Army of the Guardians of Islamic Revolution has estimated to have more 120,000 personnel. Iran also has a separate paramilitary force which has approximately 100,000 personnel. The paramilitary force is also believed to have more than a million reserve personnel who can be called upon if needed.3Iran’s naval force, its overall composition as well as proficiency is based upon Islamic Revolution, Iran’s overall relationships with its neighbors and to some extent Petroleum too. Iran’s Navy is also split into two parts i.e. the one which existed during Shah Era and the one which was created after revolution. Iran’s Naval force is mainly based in it’s the Strait of Hormuz which is only 90 nautical miles long and 35 nautical miles wide.4Iran’s naval proficiency is based upon its doctrine of asymmetric war which Iran…………….

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