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Is volunteering valuable for teenagers?

Is volunteering valuable for teenagers Without any doubt, the American society is one of the few in the world where young people are nurtured in a way that makes them develop a lot of love and patriotism for their country. This therefore sends a lot of sense of commitment to the minds of the growing teenager of America. In most cases, these young people find the need to work in various volunteering activities as a means of showing the commitment and patriotism with which they were nurtured to their country. It is not for nothing that the United States of America stands out as one country with a lot of volunteering opening and avenues in the world (Norman, 1999). As the years go by and students. mainly teenagers graduate from various high schools and colleges, these students take up volunteer works of one form or the other. But current concerns among reviewers and researchers have raised the need to ask the basic question as to whether or not volunteering is valuable for teenagers. The need for this question emanates from a number of specific cases that some teenage volunteers have gone through of late. For instance there have been reports of teenagers whose services are tagged as unwelcoming by superiors with whom they work in their volunteer jobs. So is volunteering valuable for teenagers? Specifics-Inexperienced people having to take demanding jobsOne of the very first and common cases of teenagers in volunteering jobs has to do with the fact that these teenagers who are often unskilled in the field in which they take up tasks as they deliver their volunteer works are often forced t fit into highly demanding jobs and tasks. There have actually been such reports in areas such as the health sector, education sector and rescue services. (Olewiler, 2004). This situation is however a development that is against the basic principles and provisions of teenagers in volunteering. Furthermore, it creates a situation whereby the teenagers are not able to fit well into the demanding jobs they are given because they are inexperienced in those fields. Resultantly, the volunteers are seen by people they are supposed to help such as patients (for the health sector) and students (for the education sector) as inexperienced and unprofessional people who do not deserve to give them (beneficiaries) services. In effect, the volunteers do not receive the respect and co-operation they need from people around them to deliver their duties. As a solution to this specific situation, it is important to assign teenagers only to those kinds of jobs that do not demand any special experience or professionalism to go about. They could also be made to work only as assistance and not taking up demanding tasks. If this recommendation is adhered to, chances are that the services given in the course of volunteering will be valuable to teenagers because those tasks will be valued by beneficiaries. Health risks involved One other specific issue that continues to exist as a phenomenon of great concern for teenagers who are into volunteering jobs has to do with the health provisions of these young people. One undoubting fact is that several teenagers who go into volunteer jobs of different kinds do so during vacations when they are supposed to be having break from stressful tasks so that they can recuperate their health. However, these young once forgo the need to restore their health after weeks of stressful academic activities to take up volunteer jobs. Undoubtedly, this development puts a very high level of psychological struggle on volunteers (Byrnes, 2005). Subsequently, volunteers are not able to give off their maximum levels of energy into whatever tasks that are assigned to them. For those of them who work with lazier faire leaders who may want most of the daily activities in place to be done by volunteers, the volunteers are seen as underperformers who are not dedicated to the service of the nation. In effect, the volunteers are not given friendly working environment but a hostile one.

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