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Islamic politics

Submit a 750 words essay on the topic Islamic politics.Through the discourse of IMAM Dr. Abdul Jalil Sajid via the written work “Islam and Ethics of War and Peace”, the political theory of Islam on justice, war, and peace is based on the core teaching of Qur’an stating “The aim of war according to the Qur’an is not to propagate or spread Islam, nor is it to expand the territory of the Islamic State or dominate, politically or militarily, non-Muslim regions.” In order to gain deeper insight on war and peace under the context of Islamic principles, it would be useful to investigate with the empirical findings of Jeff Haynes in view of religious fundamentalism, the article “Understanding Islam”, S.P. Huntington on the “clash of civilizations”, as well as the report made by Diane Sawyer.Besides the conventional notion that religious fundamentalism pertains to a religious movement whose militant characteristic is justified by stiff adherence to fundamental principles, Jeff Haynes modifies the basic definition by critiquing that contemporary religious fundamentalism emerges out of ‘the failed promise of modernity’ and necessarily refutes the negative impact of modernisation upon moral development. According to Haynes, the religious militancy in fundamentalism is chiefly brought about by the general ‘decline of the societal salience of religion’ due to rapid cultural and economic changes particularly since the World War II. Normally, religious authorities are ideally expected to intervene in state affairs when advancing political interests so that the goals set herein can be directed to coincide with the public good or applied to satisfy the needs and desires of the majority. This way, religion serves to oppose secularism and mediate between the government and the people in order to ensure that the concerns of the latter are met within the constitutional framework and may be understood the principal grounds behind the 9-11 incident of 2001.Muslims are typically found in the state of

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