Israel and Palestine Conflict

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Political sciences.Before the start of the year, Israel and Palestine resumed their armed conflict, killing thousands of innocent civilians on both sides and displacing thousands of people in Gaza Strip. Armed conflicts resumed as Israel and Palestine unleashed their military offensives to weaken each other’s hold to the embattled territory formerly occupied by the Palestinians. Both warring countries sent regular armies and launched paramilitary groups, an action that alerted the international community.

As the international community clamored for the pacification of the region, the Israeli government under the regime of its current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestine Liberation Organization under the political leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, have been conducting a number of negotiations to ease the two-party conflict. Based on historical accounts, the Israel-Palestine conflict started when the United Nation intervened, giving the Jewish people the right to the war-stricken territory. This action resulted in numerous wars, which largely involved international actors, particularly the United States.

There are a number of reasons why an Israel-Palestine peace accord that would probably result in the end of armed conflict in the region is hard to achieve. In order to understand why regional peace is far from being achieved in the Middle East, it is important to look at the many obstacles that hinder a final and peaceful cooperation between Israel and Palestine and conclusion to the two-party armed conflict.

One of the biggest obstacles to a final and peaceful conclusion to the Israel-Palestine armed conflict is the intensifying Israel lobby in the United States. Israel Lobby is a term being used to describe an absurd alliance of groups, organizations and powerful individuals who vigorously attempt to maneuver American foreign policy that is favorable to Israel (Wittkopf & McCormick 87). Instead of bringing peace to…

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