Issue on an international level

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Write 6 page essay on the topic Report (not ).In the same vein, Chancellor Gordon Brown made a promise that Britain would be a leader in tackling the issue on an international level.Emission of CO2 from various industries and motor vehicles is choking the environment and leading to the greenhouse effect or trapping of large amounts of heat that leads to an increase in the earth’s temperature. During the last century, it is believed that the surface of the earth has warmed up by 0.75 degrees C. Other than CO2 , gases like methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour also contribute to this hazard. The following chart shows the sector wise distribution of global emissions:The UNFCCC defines climate change as “ a change of climate that is attributed to directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comaprable time periods.”[Gleneagles G8 Summit]Some analysts however feel that the noise created around global warming might be the handiwork of some individuals for gaining their own interests. The situation is not really as bad as it is projected and in case reports about global warming are believed, we might be going back to pre-industrialization era.. Richard Courtney [1999] feels that people advocating the global warming theory are some researchers who are in need of research grants and some organisations working in the field of environment and need donations. He is of the opinion that they are promoting an imaginary fear of a man-made phenomenon. By promoting fear, they are selling their goods and ideas to the government and general public.It is clear that industries that cater to a clean and pollution-free environment will benefit from the commotion created around global warming and climate change. As such, industries that would discourage the use of fossil fuels, conventional methods of

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