Issues concerning optical networking and equipment

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on Issues Concerning Optical networking and Equipment. Needs to be 12 pages. Important network topologies and issues like, transparency, protection, routing, switching and wavelength assignment are discussed in detail. The concept of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and DWDM has also been introduced. Finally, the latest trends in optical communication and networks are briefly explained.Optical communication system is similar to any kind of communication system, as far as the basics are concerned. The major difference in optical and other communication models is the additional requirement of a source (for conversion of signal from electrical to optical domain), receiver (for conversion from optical to electrical domain) and use of fibre as media in place of conventional copper wire or microwave. The use of glass fibre or optical fibre features a number of advantages that make it a formidable media, in comparison to others.One of the most important assets of optical communication is the availability of enormous potential bandwidth to the tune of hundreds of GHz. The potential cannot be fully harnessed owing to electrical domain limitation. However, technologies like WDM or DWDM are evolving to optimize the available bandwidth usage. Being fabricated from glass, the fibre does no have earth loop or interface problem as are evident in electrical media. The optical communication is immune to interference from radio frequency and electromagnetic radiations or EMP (electromagnetic pulses) as they act as dielectric waveguides. There are practically insignificant radiations from fibre which enhance security of signal in a communication system. Other advantages include low weight, small size, flexible, reliable, easily maintainable, low transmission losses and cost effective.The requirement for capacity is increasing at a fast rate in the present day networks. Growth of worldwide web and Internet are the primary causes for this increase. Every four to six months, the need is almost doubling.

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