It feels like time is standing still

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 1 page essay on It feels like time is standing the need to look within ourselves and ask this question_ are we doing enough individually to merit a contribution to the events going on around us? America has often played the role of the global policeman when it comes to international security and economic issues. it is always involved in any major global economic or security matter, even going as far as inviting and bringing itself into some subjects. Despite this, the American people do not display as much enthusiasm when compared to their government. Most of the time they consider something to be a problem when American interests are at stake. There is little or no outcry when other countries and people go through difficulties that would be intolerable in the United States (Haugen 26).Why is there a difference in attitude between the American people and their government when it comes to dealing with issues? My answer is that people are occupied with individualism and self-gratification. this is why someone would be angry and livid if an act of injustice was done to him/her but very reluctant to react when the same act is carried out every day to other people in other places or regions of the world. In order to make the world a better place, individuals must evaluate themselves and figure out whether they might be or are the problem. They should refrain from turning a blind eye to “external” issues and be the change that they want. Locking ourselves up in some kind of cocoon will convince us that everything is fine, but only for a short time (Haugen 29). When those “external” issues begin creeping into our lives and affecting us is when we will realize that they are not so alien after all. I believe that when individuals make a positive change it creates a trend that when followed brings about even bigger changes. Instead of sitting back and watching we should always go out and try to make things better not only for ourselves but also for other

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