IT Project Management

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Argumentative essay on IT Project Management module’s Assignment. Needs to be 12 pages. This document is intended to be a living document. As implements the components of this assessment, and to facilitate the every changing state-of-the-art, the (ISN) CRA process may need to be refined. Consequently, the final version of this document should itself be placed under change management and the respective changes managed accordingly.CoPaX decides to expand its economic territories by buying a French Company, which does a similar job to CoPaX but in France. To support a homogeneous network the department of IT has decided to roll out 10pcs on trail to their head office in Paris (5pcs) and hub, on the outskirts of Paris (3pcs) and a Delivery Office in Lille (2pcs). Considering the change of Project Indentification Document. The IT Project Manager identifies the need for the Change Request Assessment to the (ISN) During emergencies, the ISN must rapidly reconfigured to support the establishment of Fields Offices. Currently, informal operational process followed by each entity invloved with the ISN is the primary means of controlling ISN changes.These processes are frequently undocumented. consequently, the IT Project Manger cannot determine the status of current CoPaX architecture, network component configuration and proposed changes. This assessment addresses this deficiency. It establishes a consistent, cross-organizational I process for the SN architecture and its components. It provides both SN managers and technical personnel the information they need to implement the ISN CRA activities and their flow.The scope of this document is the identification of a top-level Change Request Assessment for the ISN. This Assessment presents Change Request activities for the data portion of’ LAN/WAN (e.g., switches, routers, and hubs). Specifically excluded from this Assessment are network server hardware and operating systems.The ISN provides LAN/WAN connectivity for the entire organization. It links Cisco

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