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It’s only marijuana

Write a 6 page essay on It’s Only Marijuana.According to the government, over 20 million Americans smoked Marijuana in 2012 alone, and there are approximately 11 million Americans smoking Marijuana habitually. This is happening despite the fact that the government has outlawed the use of Marijuana.Cannabis, popularly known as Marijuana is a drug that people use either for recreational or medicinal reasons.Since its discovery in 1920’s, people had been using it majorly for recreational purposes until 1970’s when they started using it as a medicinal drug. Various scientists have suggested that Marijuana can play a significant role in healing glaucoma, hypertension, or depression (Gerdes, 2002). Additionally, people living with Hiv/Aids can take Dronabinol, which has cannabis, and cannabis can treat anorexia that emanates when a patient of this kind undergoes chemotherapy. Clearly, there is little doubt that Marijuana is a useful substance that can treat some diseases.Across the world, people use Marijuana for recreational or medicinal reasons. However, some have gone ahead to use it for their own pleasure. This is the reason why all over the world, there is a talk on the legalization of Marijuana. The topic of Marijuana legalization is one of the ethical concerns that various stakeholders continue to discuss on various platforms across the globe. In this paper, I focus on ethics of Marijuana. The paper will dwell on the how people use this drug and whether it have advantages or otherwise. Through the concept of utilitarianism, the paper will explain the concept of ethics, and through ethical egoism, the paper will highlight some of the ethical issues surrounding the legalization of Marijuana (Fuller, 2010).The primary ethical dilemma about marijuana has always been its legalization. However, before we discuss the issue in lengthy, we need to understand the effects of Marijuana in order to make the figure out the short-term and

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