Jackson County Judges

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Write an essay on Jackson County Judges. It needs to be at least 1000 words.This study requires us to determine the probabilities of a case being appealed and reversed and the results have been tabulated as shown in the results. The judges will then be ranked in the order of their performance. This will be achieved through the application of skills in probability and excel spreadsheets.Based on common pleas, Judge Judith J. Gische was ranked the best as she had the least probabiliy of her cases being appealed or reversed. On the other hand, Judge Richard T. Andrias was ranked the poorest performer at position 16 as he had the highest probability of his cases being appealed or reversed.The Number of judges handling the municipal cases were quite many and Judge Richard T. Andrias was ranked the best among them with the lowest probability of cases being appealed while Judge Angela M. Mazzarelli was ranked as the worst performer at position 20 with the highest probability of cases being either appealed or reversed.We can conclude that the main objective of this study was achieved and the probabilities of each possible outcome were determined and the judges ranked based on their performance. These statistics are of particular importance especially in awarding promotion to judges which will be based on their performance which reflects their decision making capabilities. The best performing judge handling the common pleas was Judge Judith J. Gische, in the domestic courts, judge William E. McCarthy was the best and in the municipal courts, Richard T. Andrias was ranked the best

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