Jamal is assigned to a group

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1.Jamal is assigned to a group charged with making a decision about improving efficiencies in his department. One of the ways he can prevent Groupthink from sabotaging the process of making an effective decision is to       A. take responsibility for speaking out.  B. let someone else gather information.  C. stay out of deliberations altogether.  D. censor his own opinions2.In general, the decision-making process begins when someone perceives a gap between an existing situation or condition and ends with       A. ignoring it and trusting your gut.  B. actions taken to close or narrow the gap.  C. postponing a solution for as long as possible.  D. asking others for advice3.Sensing problems, making guesses, formulating hypotheses, and communicating ideas are all aspects of creativity when viewed as a       A. function of the interaction among individuals, the environment, and the task.  B. set of cognitive skills.  C. process.  D. behavior4.After having some success in creative problem solving, the _______ Felicia experiences stimulates her to continue seeking creative ideas.       A. managerial praise  B. cautious optimism  C. positive emotions  D. challenge of time pressure5.Michele is the type of leader who shares the problem with subordinates in a group meeting to obtain their ideas and suggestions, and then makes a decision that may or may not reflect their input. Her leadership style would be considered       A. CI.  B. GII.  C. CII.  D. GI.

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