Jane is in a dead-end job

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Jane is in a dead-end job; his take-home pay is $15,000 a year.  He wants to get into a managerial position, so he has decided to get an MBA.  He has narrowed his choices to two programs:•     the evening SPAS MBA program at Florida College and•     the full-time MBA program at the University of South CarolinaHe figures that, net of some financial aid, tuition for the entire program at Montreat would be $20,000, and tuition for the entire program at USC would be $10,000.  Both programs would take two years.  He figures that the two alternative programs would be of equal quality, and potential employers would perceive students from the two programs as equally valuable.  A difference is that the Florida program would take one night per week, but the USC program would take place during weekdays.  Thus, the Florida program would enable him to keep his current job, but he would have to quit his job to attend the USC program.  Florida’s evening classes would cause him to give up an evening watching TV, but he has decided that he doesn’t like such wasted evenings anyway.  If his primary consideration is the effect on his budget, which of the two MBA programs should he pick?  Explain using a table with the data and your calculations.

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