Java code

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Write on Java code for Below question:4.1: Roman Numeral Converterprogramswitch statementInput Validation:Do not accept a number less than 1 or greater than 10.Prompts And Output Labels.outputprogramCLASS NAMES.programclass3.12: The Speed of Soundair: 1,100 feet per secondwater: 4,900 feet per secondsteel: 16,400 feet per secondprogramclassprogram You can calculate the amount of time it takes sound to travel in air with the following formula: time = distance/1,100time = distance/4,900time = distance/16,400Prompts And Output.programprogrammessageprogramxprogram AssumeintegerintegerintegersGivengivenintvariabledeclaredstoressumvaluesASSUMEvariablereferencesobject4.9: PopulationprogramprogramincreaseincreasePrompts, Output Labels and Messages.increaseInput Validation.less thanmessagevalueincreasemessageless thanmessage19. Squares.programclassnamedintegergreater thanprogramcharacterprogram       XXXXX       XXXXX       XXXXX       XXXXX       XXXXXINPUT and PROMPTS.programintegerintegerOUTPUT.outputcharactersCLASS NAMES.programclass

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