Java program that uses an array of String

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Homework Help

Write java program that uses an array of String to store students’ names and an array of int to store their test scores. The program reads data from the data file Student_Data.txt to populate the arrays. The number of students is unknown. Basically, additional students can be added to the data file or some students can be deleted from the data file. The program needs to determine the number of students and create the arrays accordingly. The program outputs the following information:-       Each student’s name and test score-       Average score-       Highest score-       The names of all the students having the highest score student data Sample Run: Name              ScoreJohnson            98         Miller             76         Duffy              89         Robinson           99         Ashton             78         Joe                98         Mike               99         King               89         Mary               99         Anne               78         Jim                93         May                76         Tim                84         Tom                99         Ben                78         Kay                92         Lee                99         Bob                80         Zach               89         Diane              99         Class Average: 89.60Highest Score: 99Students with the highest score: Robinson, Mike, Mary, Tom, Lee, Diane

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