Job as a professional DJ

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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Job as a professional DJ.Since this job is somewhat seasonal, I also need to be able to manage the business side of things so that I do not end up in financial distress between jobs. The reason I got started in this business is because I had a vast knowledge of music selections from all eras. Since I have always been an outgoing and easy to work with person, I put my networking and promotional skills to work for me. I basically learned how to deejay on the job. That meant that I needed to learn how to read the crowd and give them what they want to hear. I also needed to carry a wide array of music and music mash ups with me in order to keep my repertoire fresh. I need to further hone my skills as a master showman in order to make my scratching, flipping, and other entertainment stage skills more interesting and enticing for the audience to watch. Although I carry a vast array of music with me to my gigs, there are still times when I do not have the kind of music that the audience wants to hear. I solved that by bringing the right tools with me so that I can easily access music online in order to accommodate my audience desires. I also found myself faced with a crashed disc drive at one gig. That taught me to always bring an external hard drive as back up every time I have an engagement. Since learning to overcome those problems, I have been able to keep my audience happy but I still need to work on my marketing skills. In order to do that I need to work on my communication skills so that I can better sell myself to club owners. As a new DJ, I feel that I was able to easily and speedily adapt to the lifestyle. There are not that many jobs in the market that allow you to get paid to listen to music and party. That is an uncommon perk of a job that makes me the envy of my friends. It is almost like I get paid to party every night rather than work. The only drawback is having to sometimes deal with drunk and rude people during my shows.

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