Job satisfaction survey,

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Consider the five survey questions below from a job satisfaction survey, and indicate the levels of measurement used for each question (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio). Briefly explain your rationale for each decision. Double check the work of at least one peer, and discuss any differences.A. I feel I am being paid a fair amount for the work I do (Fields, 2002).1.      Disagree very much2.      Disagree moderately3.      Disagree slightly4.      Agree slightly5.      Agree moderately6.      Agree very muchB. My primary role within the company is:1.      administrative.2.      maintenance.3.      laborer.4.      manager.5.      driver.C. A reasonable amount I should be expected to contribute annually to the company’s health plan is:1.      0 to $2,000.2.      $2,001 to $4,000.3.      $4,001 to $6,000.4.      $6,001 to $8,000.5.      $8,001 or greater.D. Indicate the highest amount you were able to contribute to your 401k in 2017.1.      $1,0002.      $2,0003.      $3,0004.      $4,0005.      $5,0006.      $6,0007.      $7,0008.      $8,0009.      $9,00010.  $10,00011.  $11,00012.  $12,00013.  $13,00014.  $14,00015.  $15,00016.  $16,00017.  $17,00018.  $18,00019.  $19,00020.  $20,00021.  $21,00022.  $22,00023.  $23,00024.  $24,000ReferenceFields, D. L. (2002). Taking the measure of work: A guide to validated scales for organizational research and diagnosis. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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