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Joetta Hernandez

Joetta Hernandez is a single parent with two children and earns ?$35,000 a year. Her? employer’s group life insurance policy would pay 2.5 times her salary. She also has ?$46,667 saved in a? 401(k) plan, ?$3,889 in mutual? funds, and a $2,333 CD. She wants to purchase term life insurance for 15 years until her youngest child is? self-supporting. She is not concerned about her outstanding? mortgage, as the children would live with her sister in the event of? Joetta’s death. Assuming she can receive a 55 percent? after-tax, after-inflation return on insurance? proceeds, use the earnings multiple method to calculate her insurance need. How much more insurance does Joetta need to? buy? What other information would you need to know to use the needs approach to calculate? Joetta’s insurance? coverage???.Assuming she can receive a 55 percent? after-tax, after-inflation return on insurance proceeds and using the earnings multiple? method, Joetta’s insurance need is ?$_________?

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