Journal Reflection

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 1 page essay on the topic Journal Reflection.Museums maximize on this because positive attitudes build inside their visitors the desire and value of returning again (Black 26). This is a plus for them because of the assurance of flow of incentives.A negative experience is when my English teacher chose me for a presentation during a symposium in our school which was attended by neighboring schools. I was a freshman and the ten minutes duration seemed very long. Fear engulfed me causing me to terribly shake in front of a huge and expectant crowd, despite I being a smart student. This happened because of lack of self-confidence and courage as I had never been exposed to such a large gathering. However, had I composed myself and risen above my fear, the presentation would have greatly been successful. From this, I learnt that public speech requires putting scripts in order and assuming eye contact with the crowd in front. It is good to record few points for a good flow of ideas during the presentation. Successful and failed academic experiences have taught me great opportunities students have that can spur them to greater heights. It is therefore important to be ready as a good student in the future since that can be my only chance for stepping into another

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