Journalism and mass media in the UK

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Research paper on journalism and mass media in the uk. Needs to be 7 pages. Bonnie Taylor started her performance as early as when she was at the age of 17. Bonnie Taylor is best known for her other works such as featuring in Jim Stainemen song, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, and Hold Out For A Hero. Her success in the industry has been great with her having the number-one albums on both sides of the Atlantic. Her performance has enabled her nomination to the Grammy Awards, has won the Yamaha World Song Festival, and sold over 20 million records in her music career (John and Taupin, 2004). She still continues to perform in many world tours and participate in live shows that she loves to best do. The journalism has worked well in achieving the attention of the audience due to the good lyrics that lifts up those who hear it. The reason for the composition of the song by the artist was to uplift the world through the song which the lyrics do. The publication of the song was done in 2013 and released as a single by Celtic Swan records. The song was mainly composed with the aim of uplifting the world. The content of the song is on Tyler telling her love who she thought did not believe in love or region to just try to believe in her. Several amendments were made to the song so that it could well serve the purpose and portray well the message (Tragaki, 2004). The rules of song duration did not favor the song and to comply with these rules, the album version was divided into three minutes and three seconds each. This was to allow it for radio and live plays. The photography was done by the journalist nephew and in the Eurovision Song Contest. the song featured at position 93 in the United Kingdom but did not appear in any other song chart or contest.There were mixed reactions and reviews about the song and the song was of much blame for the overall score of Tyler in the contest (Tragaki, 2004). Despite the blame for the song performance, the journalist still won some single in the Eurovision Contest radio Awards. This was the first time a representative of the United Kingdom won a category in the ESC radio history. Discussion on the work has been made on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook (John and Taupin, 2004). Those that heard the work have given their opinions on the lyrics through social sites and even voted for the song on different occasions.

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