Korean history

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Write an essay on Korean history (Old Joseon to the Joseon dynasty). It needs to be at least 750 words.The religious factor played a fundamental role in the unification and the cohesion of the Korean society during the Old Joseon to the Joseon Dynasty.The adoption and subsequent internalization of the Confucian religious and social doctrines served as a major milestone in the unification of the Korean society during the Joseon reign. This is because, the Confucian religious doctrine was redefined after it was adapted in Korea, to entail five very basic principles that henceforth served to ensure that the Korean society remained in cohesion, regardless of the age or the social class that individuals belonged (Kim & Park, 23). To achieve the stabilization of the Korean society back then, the Confucian ideals were pitched on the principle relationships of husband and wife as the basic relationship within a family that sought to keep the family unit bonded together, such that external influences and invasion or any other form of external infiltration could not enter and divide the society.Secondly, the Confucian religious doctrine established the principle relationship as that of the young to old, where the young people were supposed to respect the elders and tore the line of the cultural and social principles that were represented by the elders in the Korean society (Kim & Park, 36). This way, it became possible to establish a respectable society that ensured that the even where any form of dissent would emerge between the young generation and the older generation in terms of the administration of the society, there were already predetermined avenues that prevented such dissent from simmering into rebellious levels that could destabilize the society (Kim & Park, 29). This way, the Confucian religious doctrine ensured that the society remained united, and the dissents that emerged were handled through the rightful channels.Additionally, the Confucian religious

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