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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: What this country (US),state or school needs more than anything else. What this Country (US) Needs More than Anything else Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests it is my privilege to appear before you today. Let me thank you all for your invitation. Today, in my speech, I will focus on what our country needs more than anything else. Although, there are numerous things that our country needs, there are those things that without them it becomes difficult, or even impossible for a country to progress both economically and socially. Security is a vital component that a state should guarantee. A secure state enables people to carry on their economic activities without fear of attack or terrorism activities that may bring about losses. The gravest threat our country is facing lies to the turning point of extremism and technology. Our rivals have candidly acknowledged that they are in a quest for weapons of mass demolition, and evidence shows that they are doing so with fortitude. The United States will not let these efforts be successful. We will assemble our defenses in opposition to ballistic missiles and other ways of delivery. We will work together with other nations to refute, contain, and restrain our enemies’ hard work to acquire treacherous technologies. We will also augment our self-defense. our country will act using all ways against all forms of intimidation in time before they are wholly formed. We should be ready to crush all our enemies’ plans. we will use the best astuteness and proceed with consideration. If we will not do our best, history will criticize those who saw this approaching danger but failed to take action. In the new globe we inhabit, the only course to peace and defense is the path prompt action.The unfolding upheaval over the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear aspirations, and the subsequent steps presented to the United States in dealing with this dispute is a debate that has taken a long period of time to conclude. With the exception of Iraq, no other disaster today so bedevils American policy makers, for a long period this case has provided the international community with irrefutable proof that the Iranian regime is pursuing a massive, multi-faceted endeavor, and in spite of United Nations censure (Kerr 37).In and of itself, the possibility of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism acquiring the world’s most dangerous technology will be deeply troubling. These weapons, if manufactured can lead to both the mass destruction of property and loss of lives. Among the solutions to this issue are. military action that is deeply problematic. The use of force on Iran’s nuclear ambitions remains an alternative solution, but it will be very a costly step to take. As a sensible matter, however, the steep expenses of any military action against the Islamic Republic order that it must be seen as stringently a last resort. Although there are several things that the United States needs to take control of, peace and security are vital.Finally, let me take this chance to assure the public that, the government of the United States is working hard to ensure that there is security for all. The budget will increase the allocation of more funds to the ministry of internal security to ensure that our state security, our intelligence, and the military is well equipped with modern technology equipments to enable them perform appropriately.Works citedKerr, Paul K. “Irans nuclear program: status.” LIBRARY OF CONGRESS WASHINGTON DC CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE, 2009.

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