Language development

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LANGAUGE DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT #1: Reflections on Your Development of Language When learning and understanding new concepts, utilizing our background knowledge and experiences gives us a foundation on which to construct new understandings. This assignment will give you the opportunity to reflect on your own lived experiences as it relates to your developing language and literacy skills. For this assignment, you will a) use your own recollection of growing up and learning/using language as well as b) interview someone close to you who had experiences with you as you grew up. This can include a parent, guardian, grandparent, sibling, or others within your immediate and extended family, or close friends. The purpose of this interview is to get an idea of how your language developed through infancy and toddlerhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. After your interviews, you will complete a reflection. Your reflection: Use your recollection and questions you asked an interviewee to paint a picture of your experience with language from an early age. Be sure to discuss any positive experiences or challenges you may have experienced related to your developing language and literacy skills (both now and then). Also, while the reflection needs to be written in English, feel free to include words and phrases in other languages but do translate them into English As you complete your assignment, please separate your reflection into the following sections: I. Language and literacy at home (3 points) a. Give an overview of your developing language and literacy skills though infancy/toddlerhood, middle childhood, and adolescence and the types of experiences you had at home. II. Language and literacy at school (3 points) a. Give an overview of your developing language and literacy skills though middle childhood and adolescence and the types of experiences you had at school or in school settings. III. Language experiences now (3 points) a. Reflect on your language and literacy skills now. Especially pay attention to your reading and writing skills, your use of language, and your experiences learning another language or using multiple languages. IV. Language and Theory (3 points) a. Now that you have explored your own language and literacy experiences, select and explain a theory/theorist we discussed in class or from the first chapters of the book that you feel aligns with your ideas of how language develops. Use your own experience as examples to support your theory and to cite your source. Assignment Formatting • Worth 15 points • Times New Roman or Arial • 12 pt. font • Double-spaced • 2-5 pages long • APA format for citations • Checked for grammar and spelling errors • Submitted to Canvas as a pdf by the due date BROWN-WOOD CHDV 131 F19 Sample Interview Questions Use these questions to ask yourself and the individual you interview. These are just some questions you can ask. Feel free to expand these questions during your interview or to ask ones that are not listed here but are related to your language and literacy skill development. Infancy and Toddlerhood (Birth to age 2) • What do you remember about my language as a baby or toddler? • What were my first words? • Did I talk a little or a lot? • Did I engage in back-and-forth games (pat-a-cake, etc)? • What kind of activities did I enjoy doing? • Was I exposed to more than one language? Which languages and who spoke them around me? • Did I have any negative experiences related to learning language or literacy? Middle Childhood (Age 3- age 12) and Adolescents (Age 12- age 18) • Did I talk a lot or a little? • Did I enjoy reading and writing or activities related to literacy? • How did I do in school regarding using language as well as reading, and writing? Were these difficult or easy subjects for you? Did I excel or have challenges related to these subjects? • What kind of activities did my teachers have you do related to language, reading, and writing? • Did I learn a new language during this time or speak more than one language? What kinds of experiences did I have concerning speaking multiple languages? • Did I have any negative experiences related to learning a new language or speaking other languages? • Did I enjoy using and playing with words or telling jokes or riddles?

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