Large corporations managing change

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 10 pages paper on large corporations managing change. Mills and Mills write in their book Understanding Organizational Change that the operations of a company, as well as other organizations, are affected by a variety to environmental factors such as leadership change, mergers, and acquisitions, downsizing, introduction of new products, industrial disputes, political and legal climate, changing consumer preferences and technology3. Change is the only thing constant in the environment and is taking place every day. However, when we refer to organizational change, we are specifically referring to change that has a significant impact how employees think about their organization and the changes they need to make in their work to cope with it. Organizational Change is thus referred to as a change in the core aspect of a company’s operations. It has been determined with the previous discussion that for organizations change is not merely inevitable but to a great extent essential for survival. However, this does not automatically imply that people would be readily accepting the change. The truth is that changing an established behavior makes people uncomfortable, and the result is resistance4. Implementing change is a very challenging task. The unfamiliar makes the employees suspicious. it is their natural concern. Change management and conversion of a change into its successful implementation requires planning and execution. A change is seldom implemented without resistance and in most cases whenever a change is announced, employees start complaining. There are various reasons why employees resist changes and these reasons vary from person to person. In a deeper view, it is but the conflicting goals of the organization and the employee that creates such resistances among employees. So, the management needs to bring in change agents – people who would be held responsible for the change . Organizational change is basically a complex phenomenon and thus involves several people.

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