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Leaders of Quantum Healthcare Organizations

Compose a 250 words essay on Leaders of Quantum Healthcare Organizations. Unlike other types of leaders, a quantum leader is more concerned with bringing change rather than controlling. A quantum leader brings change by using reality in the best innovative and creative means available. To ensure that the climate of change suitably works in the hospital system, the quantum leader must be a critical thinker, a successful planner, and most importantly plays the role of a mediator (Montgomery, 2011). The quantum leader is the chief decision maker and problem solver of the health organization. It is through environmental analysis that the quantum leader identifies the immediate and long-term needs of a health organization.As a nurse educator in the coronary critical care unit, possessing quantum leadership qualities means a lot in terms of making quick, sound and well-informed decisions on patient’s care (Dargahi, 2013). Saving life requires a leader who is swift in action rather than that who is best at instructing. The ability to make quick life-saving decisions, perform thorough physical assessments, communicate clearly to the health care team and advocate for the patient’s rights are all responsibilities a coronary critical care nurse shoulders. It is worth mentioning that quantum leadership can be cultivated right from the first year of study and be applied long after graduation. Quantum leadership helps a critical care nurse to make appropriate and continuous decisions on patient care.Montgomery, K. L. (2011). Leadership redefined: educating the Doctorate of Nursing Practice nurse leader through innovation. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 35(3), 248-251.

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