Leadership in School

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Readings Journal about Leadership in School. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The chapter mentions great minds who conceptualized theories on learning, but personally, I related most to the five-year-old girl mentioned in the examples who came up with her own conclusions that cats are girls and boys are dogs. It was such an amusing story! More often than not, that is how I tend to learn – theory before practice, so the theory gets tested and validated. I am an advocate of the belief that learning ensues by doing.Deep learning is something that more experienced learners become aware of. It entails “having a grasp of the structure of a discipline, seeing how things are related, using the ideas in novel situations and evaluating, even challenging the knowledge claims embedded in the discipline”. This is far different from rote learning most children are exposed to – memorizing facts, formulas, etc., which is more of surface learning that goes with an unreflective attitude. Deep learning comes out of sense-making activities, which are made up of conscious attention, organizing and reorganizing ideas, assimilating or accommodating to new ideas and constant reshuffling and reorganizing in efforts to connect ideas to coherent patterns. Reflecting on this principle makes me imagine how complicated and utterly dynamic the human brain works, with all the synapses sizzling with new ideas and connecting it to past learning. It leaves me truly amazed at how blessed we are of possessing such an organ that no computer can ever replicate.The chapter also differentiated performance orientation with a learning orientation. It made me evaluate my own preferences with regards to how my school or work environment promotes the kind of orientation that motivates me. Environments that promote performance is more after the product and results from more than the process of learning while those that promote learning emphasizes the process of learning more. I believe schools should be more learning-oriented, while workplaces should be more performance-oriented, without neglecting support for continuous learning.

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