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Leading and managing in nursing

Write a 2 pages paper on leading and managing in nursing. ?Power, Politics, and Influence –Case Study1. What resources should Ryan use to gain support for his desire to participate in the new shared governance structure?Ryan has already been in a political and leadership position before which is simply what the shared governance structure will offer him and hence he has the experience. He should use this experience as his resource to gain support. The other resource is a recommendation from his former hospital where he served on the practice council as the recommendation can not only gain him entry but give him a position in the governance structure. Ryan is not a shy nurse and is a risk taker as is evidence from his move from a large hospital to a small one and the fact that he has not yet given up on his graduate studies simply because the rest of the nurses are dissuading him to do so. He can use his courage and relentlessness and approach the Chief Nursing Officer on the position and pledge to work hard. The Chief Nursing Officer is also new to the hospital just like Ryan is and hence this is another resource he can exploit and put in his own advantage as the two are new and share knowledge, experience and vision the rest of the staff does not have. This might gain him not only entry into the governance structure but a good position in shared governance the structure as well.2. If Ryan wants to test the job market to find a position in a more positive nursing work environment, what resources can he use?Ryan can use his previous job as a resource to grant him entry into another job with a positive work environment. The fact that he worked for over a year in a big renowned hospital immediately after completion of his undergraduate course indicates that he is an exemplary student who deserves to be in any good hospital. He can also use his political influence as a practice council member in Magnet Hospital to indicate that he has big dreams and is a visionary leader who is not only lazy and contented at being on the hospital bedside but would like to join the leadership and bring more changes in the nursing world. This should be corroborated by his almost immediate entry into a graduate program which many people delay until they are older and have gained several years of experience. 3. Ryan has been subjected to a lot of questions and negative comments by some of the senior staff nurses about his graduate studies. They tend to negate the importance of advancing one’s nursing education. How can he redirect their comments?Ryan should inform them about individual rights each nurse has on how to run his or her life. His rights permit him to advance his education to whatever level he wants and no one can question him or dissuade him from doing that. Since the negative comments are likely to lead to conflict most of the time, Ryan should employ conflict resolution skills as well as collective bargain methods to redirect their comments. This is likely to work better as it will inform them of his interests and give them a chance to inform him of their interest and they can work out an agreement from there or simply just ignore the matter. However, it will serve the purpose of enlightening them and making them not view him in a negative light but become more appreciative of their differences. If Ryan handles the situation as mentioned above, then he will be portraying qualities of a leader through effective decision making and conflict resolution without using force but reasoning. ReferencesYoder-Wise, P. (2013). Leading and Managing in Nursing (5th Ed.). New York: Elsevier Health Sciences.

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