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Submit a 750 words essay on the topic Lean IN.The argument is that most women are qualified professionals who should be leaders in various positions, but the male counterparts still dominate the management roles.The motivation of selecting this book is to encourage my fellow women to compete for leadership roles in the government or industries (Sandberg & Scovell, 2013). This is because they should be aggressive in their fields by not allowing the men to do everything. It is apparent that women involuntarily hold themselves back in their professions instead of being in the forefront. The determination to achieve success should start with the belief that a woman can be instrumental in everything that they undertake. The book is also inspirational because it challenges the women to work hard and concentrate on their strengths (Sandberg & Scovell, 2013). The aspect of dwelling on the negative parts or weaknesses possessed by women is the detrimental factors and needs to change. The women are encouraged to capitalize on their strengths and reach the top organs where decision-making take place.Sheryl believes that the women normally get opportunities to lead organizations, but some are afraid to take up the tasks. This discourages the upcoming girls who feel that their efforts will not be appreciated. The leadership ambition is gap wide because the women are nurtured that being bossy and it is good to succeed in family affairs. The culture that women are in dilemma choosing between their careers and families is also affecting the leadership gap (Sandberg & Scovell, 2013). This is because some cultures teach the girls to practice domestic affairs to the satisfaction of the partners. The author urges the women to have mentors who can inspire them to be influential personalities in the society. For instance, Sheryl uses her personal examples to motivate the girls by describing her childhood challenges and dreams, which enabled her to be a leader. It is evident that Sheryl is the Chief Operating officer of

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