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Need an argumentative essay on Discuss the learning environment on reggio emilia, steiner and montessori early years settings. Needs to be 3 pages. It is only unique to Reggio Emilia as there are no international colleges to train someone to become a Reggio Emilia teacher whatsoever.The organization of the learning environment for Reggio Emilia is very critical to the early childhood program. It is often known as the childs third teacher. The major aims that are involved in the design of the new spaces or learning environment and the remodeling of the ones which are old usually includes a combination of each classroom with the rest of the school, and the surrounding community that is adjacent to the school. The importance of this learning environment lies with the feeling that all children can come up with the best meaning and make sense of the world through learning environments which support involving, varicolored, sustained, and the changing relationships among people, the experience in the world, ideas and the numerous ways of showing ideas.The preschools are specifically filled with elements such as indoor plants and vines with the natural light evident. The classrooms are open to a center piazza while the kitchens are open to the general view. Additionally, the access to the surrounding communities is all but assured through windows that are almost wall-size. The entries are the ones that mainly capture the attention of the children and the grownups through the mirrors that are on the walls and ceilings.Other important features of this learning environment include the abundant space that is available for the supplies. They are often rearranged in order to draw the attention that is related to their beautiful features. There are studio spaces in each classroom which are in the form of an ample anterior that is centrally located. In the school, there are significant efforts of creating opportunities for children interaction.Waldorf schools are based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, who is a philosopher based in Austria. Rudolfs feelings on

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