Learning Strategic Business Leadership

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 7 pages with APA style on Stages in Learning Strategic Business Leadership. This paper chronicles the formulation and development of my views on the subject of strategic business leadership. Stages in learning Strategic Business Leadership Throughout my academic and professional career, I have experienced numerous touchpoints and theories which have helped me shape my perspectives and broaden my horizons on the subject of strategic business leadership.

On a fundamental level, during the learning of this course, I have visualized myself as a leader who is lucid and depicts a practical view of an inspirational future which motivates others to join in too. Since I have struggled hard to formulate my thinking and perspectives on the basis of leading capabilities, my vision of becoming a strategic leader has influenced me in shaping up my focus. After studying the subject on leadership, I have begun to see the concept of leadership as a process which is dynamically distributed amongst the actors.

Besides this, some fundamental principles have been formed in my minds which have transformed my beliefs about leadership from a mere activity and role to an entire process of goal achievement by inspiring others. More often, I have discovered that additional learning of this subject has facilitated me with the supplementing of the theorizing process which is consistent with the methodology of grounded theory. During the learning, there have been the climax points which have shaped my perspectives on becoming a future leader. I recall studying the charismatic traits of a transformational leader and getting the work done through others, and this has already aroused great determination and enthusiasm in me. The theories of leadership have actually facilitated me with various ways in which one can act and influence the people to make them work.

My understanding of the Subject Since, I am largely used to additional readings in order to reference my current learning, I read various authors on the subject of leadership and strategies related to it. Amongst those, my favorite is Sun Tzu in the Art of War. According to him, “The way [of leadership] means inducing the people to have the same aim as the leadership, so that they will share death and share life, without fear of danger” (Sun Tzu, 2005, p.43). I interpreted from this statement, that for Sun Tzu, the idea behind leadership was such relationships, strategies, and the dynamism which assists in aligning a vision which is shared by the people and might also demand those aligned to act in such a way which may go beyond their personal self-interest. The definition provided in the book also realizes the mutual vibrancy that the followers and leader share in understanding the mutual vision and goal. Both have equal participation and thus, equal share in the risks and benefits in its pursuit.

Thus, in my view, strategic business leadership is the management of people with a view which corresponds with providing a direction to the followers which are exactly aligned to the organizational goals and objectives. Simply put, leadership, according to my learning, is largely about exercising authority in such a way which supports other fellows to follow the mutual goals and obtain desired results. I think that leadership is generally about three factors which include problems and solution,&nbsp.trust and relationships, and decisions and consequences.

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