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Lecture review

Write a 2 page essay on Lecture review.He was determined to be someone who would help develop the society (Perdue).Dr. James studied hard to become a teacher and coach. The disability did not prevent him from performing his duties because he received the award of the best teacher of the week at the Fox 17 awards. He also became the top teacher during the 2002. He showed great ambition and demonstrated that one should not give up their goals when he received his doctorate degree from Tennessee State University. He still held on to his passion, and this awarded him with the title Coach of the Year for both the years 2000 and 2006. Receiving the Dr. Ramer Award in 1991, and Jo Andrews in 1995 showed that he was able to set aside all challenges and adversities in order to succeed both as a teacher and as a coach. Narrating his life experiences made one realize the scope of the challenges that existed in the world. That all people, in one way or another, faced challenges, but they should not be a reason to back down (Perdue).Dr. James Perdue was very clear about his mission in the society. He would help others in passing through strategies so that they would emerge as survivors of the tragedy. He was very specific that it is everyone’s responsibility to help each other in times of tragedy, and even before it occurs. We should be a source of encouragement and motivation, hence acting as pillars that support the hurting (Perdue). We, who pass through the struggles of life, should find the strength of passing through all the tragedies. This enabled me to realize that as much as our friends are there to support us. we ought to encourage ourselves and uplift our spirits because today’s tragedies should not affect our tomorrow. We, therefore, ought to live each day to our fullest. We should hold on to the hope and the determination that we can beat all odds whatever the tragedy may be, or whenever it may strike (Perdue). Passion should, therefore, be our driving force through the tragic

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