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Legacy applications

Final exam ( very important to finish on time ). The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As an example, legacy applications are software designed and implemented in the previous decade and have limited functionality. At the same time, web applications use the latest programming techniques, gather inputs from a variety of sources and offer many new functionalities, features and modules (p. 16-17). Hence, the same approach of software engineering cannot be applied to them. Prototyping model is a part of the prescriptive process model and is a part of the evolutionary process model. In prototyping, the customer defines a general set of objectives for functions and features. The developer then uses these requirements as the basis, identifies the requirements and then creates a prototype model for the software that is further refined until the final product is ready (p. 43-44). The prototype model is used to develop applications used by a organizations in different sectors namely, banking, insurance, manufacturing and retail. As an example, banking applications have requirements such as registering the customer, assigning an account number for each customer and tracking their account related activities. On the other hand, a manufacturing firm produces a small range of products with a fixed number of parts. In this case, the prototype model must allow the organization to track each part, assist the marketing department in sales, aid the accounts department to carry out billing and so on (p. 45).The Manifesto for Agile Development has the objective of finding better ways of developing software and it is based on four values (p. 65). However, some situations can arise that can vitiate the development procedure and create trouble for the software team. These possible situations are briefly discussed as follows. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools: Process and tools specify protocols and methods in which they

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