Legal and ethical issues

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on legal and ethical issues confronting the education of english language learners (ells). Legal and Ethical Issues of Education Task: Legal and Ethical Issues of Education A number of legal and ethical issues affect the Education of English Language Learners, ELL. For instance, there have been discussions on whether it is fair to offer all kids an education using the principal language of their country of birth. Furthermore, there is also the ethical issue of imparting knowledge to students on a language they do not comprehend. Additionally, scholars have questioned the legality of using funds for students who are non-English speakers instead of those who communicate in the language. On the other hand, whether it is the legal or moral duty of public schools to offer proficiency programs in English for ELL learners has come to the fore. Lastly, the use pedagogical method to teach the ELLs in mastering the English Language has also been debated.Most schools meet the needs of ELLs in several ways without breaking the law. For example, the state requires the ELLs to excel on all state exams before the school year of 2013/14. In addition, most schools ensure there is integration of the ELLs into the accountability system of the law and other annual progress goals like other learners (Bustamante 2007). Furthermore, schools ensure that the ELLs participate in all state assessment systems. Integration into the state assessment systems is effected promptly by all schools to incorporate the ELLs into learning. There are two tests offered by schools to assist the ELLs in learning, namely English Proficiency tests and academic content tests. In the English Proficiency test, the school evaluates the improvement of the ELL in understanding English. ReferencesBustamante, M. (2007). Schools to Refocus on ELL Students. Tusconcitizens. Retrieved on 16 October 2011 from:, M. (2008). The Middle Age School Challenge for English Learners in MexicanOrigin.Retrieved on 16 October 2011 from:http://www.learnnc.

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