Legal environment of business and online commerce

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Write 10 page essay on the topic Paper for the legal environment of business and online commerce.Legal and illegal migrants are around 2.2 million people. It attracts a small percentage of expatriates or emigrants from Western developed countries.Thailand is a devout, Buddhist country. The national religion is Theravada Buddhism, practiced by over 94.7% of the people in Thai. Muslims consist of 4.6% of the population. The final 0.7% of religious practices belongs to other religions. India influences the culture and traditions in Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia. ThailandÂ’s international disputes have forced border closures because of the separatist violence in predominately Muslim, southern provinces. The disputes are strengthened with control over Malaysia to stem terrorist activities.Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy with a Monarch acting as the head of state. The government style is written or codified, unwritten or un-codified, and a blended constitution. ThailandÂ’s Constitutional Monarchy Government is dissimilar from an Absolute Monarchy, the sole source of political power in the state. It is not legally bound by another constitution.The Chief of State is King Phumiphon Adunyadet, reigning since June 9, 1946. His advisor is the Privy Council. The Prime Minister is Abhisit Wetchachiwa, reigning since December 17, 2008. The Deputy Prime Ministers are Korbsak Saphawasu, Sanan Kachornprasat, and Suthep Thueaksuban. They have been the deputy prime ministers since December 22, 2008 (Saphawasu), February 7, 2008 (Kachornparsart), and December 22, 2008 (Thueaksuban). The elections of the monarch are hereditary. The selection of the prime minister is from the members of the House of Representatives. The king appoints the prime minister based on the leader of the party who organized the majority coalition. The term limit is for two four-year terms.The Bi-Cameral National Assembly, known as Rathasapha, consists of the Senate or Wuthisapha with 150 seats.

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