Legal Status of Abortion

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Write an article on Legal Status of Abortion. It needs to be at least 250 words. Legal Status of Abortion The question of the legal status of abortion should be resolved in the legislature because the legislature is a representative of the people. Since the legislature is a representative of the people it can establish statutes, which are favorable to the entire society as opposed to the judicial system, which overlooks the moral aspect of abortion. According to Ginsberg et al., abortion ought to be elective so that the life of a mother is saved during extreme cases of birth complications (47). The judicial system will require a blanket prohibition of abortion even under such circumstances. When the decision of abortion is left with a mother, the life of an innocent baby is at risk. Rarely can a mother in an awkward situation make a sound and credible decision pertaining to abortion. However, sometimes the judiciary ignorantly leaves such a decision to the mother.The legal status ought to be resolved by the legislature because of direct contact with legislators with locals. The legislators can easily air the input of locals in law-making chambers hence comprehensive debates can generate reliable statutes. The judiciary should not be involved because many women have been jailed in any countries, including Chile for abortion even when their lives were in danger. Restrictions are better, and the intent of an abortion must be evaluated before a legal action is taken against a mother (Ginsberg et al. 83). This situation notwithstanding, the life of the child must be preserved in case there is no danger posed by the birth process. The legislature can adjust various abortion statutes, depending on the trend and relevance of abortion cases in society. It will deter reckless abortions in society.Work CitedGinsberg B., Lowi T. J., Weir M., Tolbert C. J., Harpham E. J., and Champagne A. (2015). We the people. W. W. Norton & Company.

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