Legalization of Drugs

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Legalization of Drugs in United States and Mexico (based on drug problems, trafficking, and cartels between these two countries). Write a 1250 word paper answering; egardless of the legality. or allow the illegal status of drugs to continue to foster an environment and business that spreads violence, fear, insecurity, and the loss of life into American communities (Morris 36). Instead of wasting a lot of the government resources in trying to suppress the use of the drugs, the state should run a campaign that is information oriented so as to enlighten people about the risks and even possible consequences of using many kinds of drugs. This paper seeks to analyze whether the use of drugs should be legalized or not in the United States and Mexico based on the problems that are associated with the drugs that create cartel between the two countries.In the United States, purity of illegal Amphetamine in most cases is below 5%, and some of the tablets that are sold in the marketplaces are sold as ecstasy that do not contain MDMA at all. Instead, a lot of drugs are adulterated with other substances like chalk and even talcum to form completely different drugs. When the use of drugs are made legal then the state can get it very easy to regulate their sale and availability in the market to make sure that they are very safe and clean for human consumption and that they ate not cut with other substances that may be harmful to human life.Making the use of drugs illegal by the state increases the amount of crime that could have been easily eliminated if the drugs were legalized. Controlling the prices of the drugs would imply that drug addicts would leave their habits of stealing so as to fund their habits of using drugs. On the other hand state provided drugs services would keep out the drug dealers out of the business thereby starving the criminal gangs of their primary source of funds. Most Taliban get a lot of their revenues from the sale of poppies which gives a good ground for the heroin.

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