Legislative process and cultural

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Instructor feedback  on the hearing analyze graded The assignment description includes the following:Your job as a writer is not to simply answer or report on the answers to the questions given. Your job is to integrate your understanding of the legislative process, cultural and subject knowledge, and a social work lens to create a paper that supports your thesis. You will be graded on depth of analysis and ability to think constructively about what you witnessed.What you have submitted seems to be little more than poorly paraphrased excerpts from the Hearing Transcript.  Indeed, in the absence of citations, this is essentially plagiarism.Additionally, you have not provided information or answers to the following:Subject, date, and time of the hearing.Description of the hearing agenda.Description of the efficacy of a specific witness, or  of the interactions between the witnesses.Description of the committee members’ responses.You have also ignored the page guidelines: instead of 2 – 4 pages, you have submitted over six pages.Finally, you did not take advantage of the ‘revise and resubmit’ deadline.  It is unclear how I might be able to provide a grade for your submission. Most importantly, this represents a serious breach of academic honesty as described in the student handbook.Please check the instruction  for this assignment in attached folder

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