Letter of affection and Roxanne

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Letter of Affection and Roxanne (1987).Looking back, I can definitely say that it was your personal involvement with me, the way you encouraged me to read books and how you introduced me to some of the great works in literature that saved me from my loneliness and distraught.Long four years, it was a crucial time in my life. moreover high school was my turning point. Initially it was a hard time with my studies, and it took time to cope up the new environment, and above all method of study was extremely different here. I had felt really disappointed. But you never made me feel that I was out of home. It was only because of your strong support, and guidance in my studies that I could cope with the situation and achieve my objectives. You always kept me out of my troubles and stress. As a ward I am grateful to you, that you took the pain to come along with me during the time of admission and for the meetings.My friends used to tell about your concern towards me, in spite of your busy schedule especially in finding time to often visit my teachers and personally discussing my problems and sorting them out. Your patience and conscious behavior are something that I admire. You were there around me whenever I needed somebody. I never had to come to you. instead you always came to me to find out what I needed. Uncle, you are my best friend too, and I am aware of the fact that I won’t get a person like you again. Four years have been great albeit with sprinkles of bitter experiences. There are so much of emotions bubbling up within my heart, and I can never let go of even one, because that would invariably mean that this chapter along with you never

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