Letter of Complaint

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 2 page essay on the topic Letter of Complaint.Despite the urgency of the situation, I could not move the car. I have to confess that it was embarrassing, and I did not anticipate this to happen to me while driving such a well-established car brand.I was also extremely disappointed since none of the cars I have driven over the last years has given me this kind of problem.We called, in a tow truck, to help us move the car to the Auto-world Frontier service station. Our conversation with the dealership’s advisor went well enough as she accepted that the company had, indeed, neglected to carry out ground clearance and that this model was meant for German roads. I left the car there for the replacement of the oil chamber. The insurance company will cover this bill. I was informed to pick the car up after two days.As I returned to pick up the car, the advisor informed me that while the chamber’s replacement had gone off smoothly, the oil was still leaking when the engine was started. I was asked to call at two PM since the mechanics were still on the car. When I called, his phone was off. The landline number went through, only to be informed that the advisor was on a two-week leave and that I should get in touch with a Mr. Brandon.Brandon, for his part, told me that he would call me back after twenty minutes with the status on my car. When he did, he informed me that my car was badly damaged and that the engine required repair. The insurance company, apparently, would not cover the cost for repairs. No one between the insurance company and the service centre seems willing to take responsibility for my car’s damage.I would like to ascertain that the fault lies directly with VW and its ground clearance design for the model of my car. It is also worth noting that my car was not running when my misfortune occurred, and thus, the incident might not have been caused by an engine trouble before the incident. I would

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