Level of CO2 that Affects the Microbial Activity

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Level of CO2 that Affects the Microbial Activity, Diversity, and Numbers. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Previously reported C balance calculations showed that in the ecosystem investigated growing season soil C inputs were strongly enhanced under elevated CO2. It is hypothesized that the absence of microbial responses to these enhanced soil C fluxes originated from mineral nutrient limitations of microbial processes. Laboratory incubations showed that short-term microbial growth (one week) was strongly limited by N availability, whereas P was not limiting in this soil. The absence of large effects of elevated CO2 on microbial activity or biomass in such nutrient-poor natural ecosystems is in marked contrast to previously published large and short-term microbial responses to CO2 enrichment which were found in fertilized or disturbed systems. It is speculated that the absence of such responses in undisturbed natural ecosystems in which mineral nutrient cycles have equilibrated over longer periods of time is caused by mineral nutrient limitations which are ineffective in disturbed or fertilized systems and that therefore microbial responses to elevated CO2 must be studied in natural, undisturbed systems.GC-clamp is a stretch of GC-rich sequences used in DGGE and TGGE. It also refers to a small number of G or C frequently used at the 3-end of a PCR primer such that the 3-end of a primer will form a stable complex with the target DNA.After DNA isolation from the soil sample, it was always noted that the DNA solution contains humic acid also, itÂ’s a type of contaminant. These compounds absorb at 230 nm whereas DNA absorbs at 260 nm and protein at 280 nm. To evaluate the purity of the extracted DNA, absorbance ratios at 260 nm/230 nm (DNA / humic acids) and 260 nm/280 nm (DNA / protein) were determined.So this impurity will create a major problem during PCR reaction. Because PCR held only in the sterile condition so the presence of impurity will lead the undesired fragment amplification or will not get good results.

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