Leverage used in DuPont framework

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Calculate the Leverage used in the DuPont Framework for this company based on its Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Use average balances in your calculation where applicable. (On 11/30/2012, the company had total assets of $60,173 and total equity of $43,835.) PROVIDE an EXCEL FORMULAAttachment 1Attachment 2Cash and cash equivalents17,224Total assets on 11/30/2012:Accounts Receivable, net3,10760,173Inventory16,695Other current assets2,162Total equity on 11/30/2012:Property, plant and equipment22,18643,835Intangibles, net2,276Other non-current assets2,026Total assets65,676Accounts payable4,870Leverage Ratio:Accrued expenses8,370Other current liabilities4,157Other non-current liabilities3,031Common stock207Retained earnings46,957AOCI & Other equity-1,916Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity65,676

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