Library Information Studies

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Submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Library Information Studies (course)-Describing and Analysing Information Resources(Unit)-Dublin Core Metadata.Dublin core metadata is useful in many in various institutions such as libraries, government institutions, scientific research centers, web page, authors, business requiring more searchable sites and corporations with vast knowledge management systems.Meta data serves the same functions in resource discovery as cataloging done by resource to be found by relevant criteria. Identifying resources and resources together and also helps in distinguishing dissimilar resources and giving local information about a book, web page or an album.The following are some of the core importance of Metadata. This is according to the book (Understanding Metadata pages1-2) that has carefully been examined.ORGANISING ELECTRONIC RESOURCE. a number of web-based resources grow exponentially, aggregate sites or portals are increasingly useful in organizing links to resources based on audience or topic. This is an important aspect for mp3 albums’ such as the one we are looking at in this paper is there anybody out there also WebPages and e­-libraries where one can read a book like The Thief.(Andrew, 2012) defined metadata schemes, shared protocol, and crow walks between schemes, resource across the network can be searched more seamlessly. Elements such as identifier are important in a metadata schema for interoperability and that is why it is present in books.DIGITAL IDENTIFICATION. most Meta data schemes include elements such as standards numbers to uniquely identify the work or object to which the metadata refers. The location of a digital object may also be given using a file name, URL (Uniform Resource Locator), or some more persistent identifier such as PURL (Persistent URL) or DOI digital object identifier.Persistent URL identifiers are preferred because object location often change, making the standard URLS (therefore the metadata record). Here elements such as the copyright, help in digital

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